Welcome to Oriel (Or-ee-ehl), a world that was almost destroyed many thousands of years ago during a cataclysm known only as The Unmaking. Of that time, few records remain, but it is widely believed both that The Unmaking ended an otherwise bright period of seemingly miraculous innovation and discovery called The Last Renaissance and that it was caused by the hubris of mankind.

Mankind survived The Unmaking and started over, as it always has, and during the many thousands of years since that time has formed new cities, kingdoms and empires, both wondrous and terrifying, which have themselves collapsed and been replaced many times over. Through all the layers of history and empire built one atop the other, there remain numerous testaments to the shared and forgotten history of The Unmaking, from strange ecological formations like the Sea of Silt to poisonous storms to the varied and terrifying creatures released into the world so long ago.

It is in the year 1542 that your story begins. The Remnant Kingdoms of the long collapsed Eruline Empire struggle to rebuild following a devastating global holy war known as The Scourging that ended ten years ago. Your adventure begins in the Kingdom of Amaria, one of the nations most affected by The Scourging. Although Archon Edvahr Tolston still holds the Rose Throne, beneath him there are numerous political, religious and ideological factions, both domestic and foreign, vying to fill the vacuum of influence and power left behind by the war. Amaria stands at a crossroads of identity and purpose, nothing about its future is certain. It is a time that will test the convictions and character of every soul that sets foot within the country’s borders, from the lowliest farmer to the greatest lord. It is time to make your mark on history.