The Remnant


One of the seven provinces of Amaria, the Remnant is a vast blasted plateau set beneath the Pridescar, a sheer cliff-face that surrounds the province on all but its eastern facing side. The Pridescar is several thousand feet high, making travel between the Remnant and the higher altitude provinces of Amaria virtually impossible, except through several natural and ingenious man-made paths that link the provinces. Travel between provinces using the man-made paths is usually safe due to the strategic positioning of forts and guard patrols, however, some of the natural paths can be more treacherous due to both the geography itself and predators stalking the area.

Legend holds that a sudden and violent sinking of the entire Remnant plateau occurred during the Unmaking during a massive earthquake. The Eastern border of the remnant is yet another massive cliff, known colloquially as the Edge of the World. This cliff is even steeper than the Pridescar and overlooks the desert where the City States of Matth are situated. From Land’s End, the provincial capital overlooking the Edge of the World, the Sea of Silt can be seen in the distance on a clear day. Travel between Land’s End and the City States of Matth occurs through a series of mechanical lifts built into the Edge and more recently via airship travel.

The Remnant itself is mostly blasted badlands and salt-flats. The province is rich in minerals, mining both salt and metals used in forging and the newly discovered combustion technologies. Despite this, the Remnant is food-poor and is wholly reliant on The Tablelands for its food supply.

Although the province had historically maintained its importance through its position as a lynch-pin of trade with the Matth’ari cities prior to the Silt Wars, trade has since dried up following the razing of the Matth’ari cities. Putting further strain on the province’s economic stability and food supplies, Archon Edvahr Tolston allowed the Matth’ari to establish Ortizar as the seat of their government in exile following the Matth’ari’s vital assistance of Amaria during the final days of the Scourging. As a result, there is much animosity and xenophobia between native inhabitants of the Remnant and their former Matth’ari trade partners whose numbers seem to swell by the day.

The Remnant

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