Sessions 13-15: The Blockade
or - Taking Back Parthis


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Session 13: The Harbor

- Azir asks Red to escape with him back to Parthis to attempt a diplomatic solution to the pending attack. He promises Red safe passage. After Red refuses, Azir attempts to escape on his own, but is recaptured sans one eyeball.

- The Parthian Navy attacks the Caliphate blockade of Parthis under cover of a heavy snow storm. The party, along with an elite squad of Dragoons, lands in assault boats near The Curtain, the primary defensive gateway in and out of the harbor. After a battle, the party secures the Curtain and opens it to allow the Parthian Navy access to the Harbor.

- The Party heads to Feriman’s Fortress, a small strategic island in the middle of the Parthian Harbor with the intent of wresting control from the Caliphate to give the Navy a strategic advantage. Upon landing, they encounter several large mechanical spider sentries. After destroying one, they barely escaped the second and entered an overlooked storm drain entrance into the fortress basement.

Session 14: Ferriman’s Fortress

- The Party entered the basement of the fortress through the previously sealed tunnel. After disarming a sonic trap statue with a silence spell (and gumming up its trumpet with a bedroll), the party scouted the basement level and discovered two prisoners in cells as well as Caliphate avatar guards and some lizard hounds. Tiberius scouted the main level of the fortress and discovered heavy numbers of troops, including some never before seen mechanical troops, some man sized with long hooked claws (“Lictors”) and some that were lumbering and monstrous in size.

- The party sprung an ambush on the avatars guarding the stairs to the main floor, but one escaped and brought reinforcements from the main floor. Soon, the party was in a tough battle against avatars, lizards and Lictors. After the battle, they released the two prisoners. One was a priest of Lannados named Dylar Provast (Tony). The other was a member of the Parthian High Council who had been imprisoned by the Caliphate for refusing to submit to their demands. The party told the Councilman to stay put and promised to come back for him once they had cleared the upper floors.

A third door on the floor revealed an office where the party found a note from Narood, the Caliphate envoy from the Consent/Wight’s Rook session. He indicated that he was sending the Councilman to “The Admiral” as a prisoner, but also indicated that…even for a Parthian, something seemed “off” about the man.

- The party bypassed the ground floor and headed up the stairs to the roof where they found the Admiral attempting to escape behind a wall of troops. After battling several troops, including one of the Behemoth bomb-throwers, the party chased the Admiral down to the beach below the fortress. By the time they got there, he had taken off in a strange mechanized “boat” towards the entrance of the bay. Red took off flying after him while the rest of the party piled into a second mechanical boat to give chase. Red landed on the back of the Admiral’s boat and began throwing bombs just as a gigantic sea creature resembling a Hagfish breached out of the water ahead of them right near The Curtain. The Hagfish began lobbing giant napalm ordinance shots at the Parthian ships, now trapped inside the bay. Red was forced to let go of the Admiral’s vessel as it began to slip beneath the waves, heading right towards the Hagfish. Red joined back up with the rest of the party as their craft slipped below the waves in pursuit.

Session 15: ????

Session 13: The Professor
Or - The Inception Session


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Session 12: Hail to the...King?
Vindra gets a country

21784_fantasy_fantasy_scenery_burning_castle.jpgSummary coming soon ;)

Session 10 & 11 - Tomb of the Giants
Or - The Shadow of Genocide


- The party descended into the catacombs below Icehold. The architecture of the entire structure indicated that it was built by and for the giants that called Icehold home prior to its occupation by its current Vishmael occupants. The first floor consisted of a great hall containing a massive memorial statue honoring an ancient giant king.

- Beyond the great hall, the party discovered a smaller chamber with stone mosaics on the walls. The mosaics told the story of the giant king finding a powerful pyramid shaped stone, which granted him power and helped him build Icehold. The next scene showed the giants prospering in Icehold. Next was the Vishmael sacking of the city and the death of the King. The final mosaic showed the king being buried with the pyramid. The center of the chamber contained a giant hole into a dark abyss.

- Climbing down a rope into the hole, the party landed on top of a massive pile of giant bones of varying sizes. The chamber was large enough that the party could not see the sides of the chamber with their torches, but they could hear weeping coming from the darkness. They guessed that the bones were likely the end result of a genocide committed by the Vishmael when they sacked the city and killed all of the giants, tossing their bodies down into this hole. In the distance, the party heard the faint sound of picks and hammers and a faint light. Upon closer inspection, they discovered a crew of animated skeletons on scaffolding near a tunnel entrance, slowly using the bones from the center of the chamber to tile the chamber’s outer walls. The skeletons stopped working and stared at them as they passed, but did not otherwise interfere.

- Next the party entered a burial vault. Although there was a sarcophagus for the Giant King, there was no body inside. There were, however, several trapped chests, including a mimic, which proceeded to wander down the hall with Red Daffel stuck to its maw until the party burned it down. The party found several treasures, including a wand shaped out of a giant’s finger bone and a staff with three female heads carved out of bone.

- The party next proceeded down another tunnel which lead to a small dock at the edge of an underground lake. Here, they met Gaywin, a bard who had been teleported into the tomb after upsetting a powerful wizard. He was engaged in conversation with a hooded ferryman. The group convinced the ferryman to take them across the lake, but the ferryman refused to tell them the cost until they had departed. Once they embarked, the dark water changed to an ethereal abyss of twisting spirits beneath the boat. Closer inspection of the ferryman revealed that he was a massive hunched skeletal bird with a long neck. He told the party that his people had once ruled the northern peaks, but had been enslaved and/or killed by the Giants. He told the party that the Necromancer, a powerful Giant mage, had taken up residence in these tombs, and had enslaved the ferryman by using one of his feathers as his phylactery. He requested that the party locate it and bring it back to him so he could be released from his eternal servitude.

- Upon reaching the far bank of the “lake”, the party found themselves in a natural cavern with icy permafrost walls. They were quickly spotted by a floating sentry “eyeball” and chased it further down into the tunnels to find a small series of rooms dug into the cavern. Here, they discovered a laboratory/library full of research notes into anatomy and necromantic magic. They also located the phylactery. A journal in a room used by workers indicated that the Necromancer was a trusted adviser of the Giant King who had retreated into the crypts below to preserve the King’s body and discover a way to revive him. Unfortunately, the Necromancer was sealed in by the Vishmael and was forced to turn to necromancy to keep his work going since his men would die anyway. The journal indicated that the Necromancer was keeping the King’s body preserved in a deeper cavern, waiting for a chance to escape before reviving him.

- The party entered the main cavern housing the King’s body and defeated the Necromancer and his skeletal guards (who attacked them on sight). Near defeat, the necromancer begged the party to let him finish his work and restore the King to lead the Giants. The party refused and killed the Necromancer. They took the pyramid and the King’s Crown from his body and left it there in the caverns.

- Upon returning to the ferry, they gave the ferryman his feather. He thanked them, then turned into a pile of dust. The abyss of souls surrounding the boat disappeared and the party found themselves sitting on a rotted boat in the middle of a dry chamber.

- Upon finding their way out of the crypts and back into the Vishmael palace’s basement, the party discovered several dead Vishmael guards. Outside the throne room, they found a group of monstrous humanoid mercenaries lead by the same creature that attacked them outside the forest ruins (see episode 2-3). He told them he had been sent by Duke Moorfell to collect the two pyramids from them and offered them safe passage if they turned them over. He also demonstrated that he had captured the Vishmael queen and would order her executed if they failed to comply.

(cue cliffhanger)

Session 9 - Icehold
Or - The Korgblaster



- The party hires a ranger to take them on a faster route to Icehold (having missed the merchant caravan) through a system of caves in the mountains. The party discovers a nest of crystal spiders whose eggs are highly prized and valuable. During the attempt to steal eggs from the nest, they are attacked and defeat a large mother spider.

- The party speaks to the Jarl of Icehold, an assistant to the King, who states that Icehold will aid Duke Agnor in the Amarian civil war only after the party deals with the threat posed by tribes of Hill Giants that have recently been threatening the city. He also agrees to let the party search for the next pyramid in the catacombs beneath Icehold after they deal with the giants.

- In town, the party stumbles across the disgruntled owner of a failed brewery who is willing to sell his holdings at a steep discount due to his lack of ability/patience to deal with the “fuuuuuckin’ orcs” that have disrupted his supply of hops. Seeing a golden opportunity, the party agrees to purchase the delapataded brewery. Leaving Korg in charge of fixing up the property, the rest of the party quickly deals with the orc threat and establishes a hold on a hops farm, thereby securing their supply line for their new venture. Korg decides to stay on at the brewery while the party carries on with their other business.

-Party investigates several giant villages and discovers that, in an act of desperation in the face of aggression by the Vishmael, the giant shamans have summoned demonic forces to “aid” them in their struggle and have allowed their bodies to become host to skinchangers. These skinchangers have turned on the giants and have begun slaughtering them. The party agrees to help the giants and runs to the other villages to warn them of the danger and gathers the giant tribes together in the process. The giants tell the party that Icehold used to be their city before the Vishmael took it from the, and that an ancient relic lies within the Giants’ catacombs beneath the city that can stop the skinchangers. The party agrees to search for the relic to help the giants stop the skinchangers. Greatful for the party’s assistance, the giants agree not to attack Icehold.

- Having secured the giants’ promise not to attack Icehold, the Party reaches Icehold and discovers that the King has died and the Queen has been secretly ruling in his name. She agrees to honor the Jarl’s promise to send troops to aid Duke Agnor. She also agrees to allow the party to descend into the city’s ancient catacombs to search for the relic they seek…

Session 8 - The Consent
Or - A quick stop in Parthis


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Session 7 - Rostigradht
Or - Airship Down


Demitri and Korglander snuck aboard the airship Invictus dressed as waiters to determine what threat faced King Maher. Once the ship was airborne, they noticed that the prince and princess had been poisoned and were dead at the royal dinner table. As soon as they drew the ship’s attention to this, an assassin dressed as one of the King’s personal guards grabbed the king yelling “thus always to tyrants” and slit the king’s throat. As chaos erupted on the deck, the engines of the ship exploded and the ship started to careen into the bay below. The assassin was able to escape, but Demitri and Korg confronted a band of Matth’ari mercenaries (the same ones that had earlier attempted to recruit Korg) who had sabotaged the engines and managed to kill several of them. With only moments to spare, the PCs assisted women and children into escape craft. As the massive airship hit the water, the PCs found themselves clinging to wreckage in the frigid waters of the bay. Unfortunately, they saw both Azir and Baroness Naros slip beneath the rough waters before they were able to rescue either, though they were able to save several other people from certain death by drowning. Facing the shock of the cold waters and their own fatigue, Demitri and Korg held on to the flotsam until a mysterious stranger in a small boat offered them a hand…

Meanwhile, Red and Orlief assisted Tiberius in his mission to rescue Duke Moorfell from the dungeons beneath the Zakat Sobor, Duke Norhardt’s palace in Rostigradht. The group met with one of the Grand Magus’s agents and received a key to the dungeons. Although they met with some resistance, they were able to spring the Duke from his cell and made their way to the main Cathedral through a secret passage.

Once there, they spotted a group of Norhardt’s guards and attempted to quietly slip past them on their way out. To their surprise, Duke Moorfell yelled out to the group of guards and walked towards them. As it turned out, Moorfell had forged a secret alliance with the Grand Magus to wrest control of Rostigradht from Duke Norhardt. With Norhardt’s loyal soldiers busy with the Lunar Fleet Festival, the Grand Magus and Moorfell had arranged for the palace to be staffed only by double agent Seraphim soldiers posing as palace guards, but secretly loyal to the Inquisition. Moorfell’s escape was timed to coincide with a larger coup where Inquisition soldiers throughout the city struck out against Norhardt’s soldiers, causing city-wide pandemonium. Duke Norhardt was dragged before Moorfell and the Grand Magus immediately following the crash of the Invictus into the harbor. Moorfell produced “evidence” that Norhardt was behind the assassination of King Maher and ordered that Nordhardt be summarily executed for treason.

As a test of his loyalty to the Inquisition and as an “honor” for aid in Moorfell’s ascension, the task of carrying out the execution was offered to Tiberius, who carried out the request without hesitation. Following Norhardt’s execution and Moorfell’s de facto installation as Duke of the Breach, the Grand Magus thanked Tiberius and his associates for their service and placed Tiberius in charge of defense of the Grand Temple of Lannados during the rest of the battle for Rostigradht. Tiberius, Red and Orlief then left to secure the Temple with an honor guard of Seraphim guards.

Once outside in the chaos of the ongoing battle for the city, the group turned down a back alley street, at which point the Seraphim honor guard turned on the party and attempted to kill them. After several minutes of hard and bloody fighting with the party surrounded, a strange knight on horseback charged the line of attacking Seraphim, skewering their Paladin leader and opening a route of escape for the party. Removing her helm, the knight identified herself as Vindra, a friend of the spymaster Vicente, and begged the party to follow her to meet with Vicente at a secret location, noting that Vicente had been attacked at the Opulent Encounter by Inquisition forces, leading him to believe that the Justicar organization had been “compromised”.

Vindra led the party to a small shack along the merchant docks of Rostigradht, where they found Vicente as well as Korg and Demitri huddled around a map. Vicente explained that his spy network had been compromised and that he had been betrayed, leaving only the party and Vindra as the people he could trust. He told them that Moorfell’s assassination of King Maher would lead to a full blown civil war between Moorfell and Duke Agnor, King Maher’s oldest friend and loyal military commander. Vicente asked the party to serve as his agents in gathering allies to assist Duke Agnor in defeating Duke Moorfell and holding Amaria together. Once they agreed, Vicente requested that the party head north to Icehold, the capital of the Vishmael nation of Volgoth. Their king was an old ally and friend of the King and Duke Agnor from the Scourging and would make a strong ally in the coming civil war. At Vicente’s request, Vindra agreed to join the party and assist them in their mission.

As newly commissioned agents of the Justicars, the party took a merchant vessel north to Spring Harbor, the southernmost port in Volgoth. On the way, Tiberius fell ill and a group of sentient vines grew out of the ship in places where Tiberius had touched it (presumably as a result of his ingestion of seeds from Vinasha in the forest ruins). After defeating the aggressive plants, the party arrived safetly in Spring Harbor. They booked passage to Icehold with the last merchant caravan of the season, but were left with several days in Spring Harbor before the caravan headed north….

Session 6 - The Road to Rostigradht
A Quick Summary


Session 6 Highlights:

  • The party reunited with Korglander at Hollow Hill and spent an evening as the guests of Baroness Naros. The Baroness revealed that Duke Moorfell was an old family friend and that the Duke had secretly visited her near the end of the Scourging seeking her counsel. As it turned out, Moorfell had been blackmailed into leading the Dreadlord’s army on threat of the murder of his son, Dontis. The Baroness revealed that Donham Jergo was in fact Dontis, the Duke’s son, whom she agreed to keep safe in exchange for Moorfell surrendering himself to end the Scourging. The Baroness revealed that Dontis had fled to Rostigradht after finding out that his father had been imprisoned by Duke Norhardt beneath his palace. She offered the party use of her estate in Rostigradht and requested that they find Dontis and keep him out of trouble.
  • On the road to Rostigradht, the party rescued Azir, an envoy from the Cel’Anari Caliphate, from a group of miners from Baeralorn on their way to the Lunar Fleet Festival in Rostigradht. After a violent confrontation with the party, the miners explained that they assumed Azir was a “sander spy” and planned to present him as a gift to Duke Norhardt. Azir shared the road with the party the rest of the way to the city, then parted ways with them.
  • Upon reaching the Baroness’ estate in Rostigradht the day before the Festival, the party split up to shop and gather information:

  • Demitri ran into Kristin, a ship captain in the employ of Nerro Shan, primary shareholder of the Silver Sail Company and reputed gangster. Kristin took Demitri to Nerro, who agreed to provide information in exchange for Demitri’s promise to captain a ship of illicit cargo from Rostigradht to Parthis as soon as possible.

  • In a bar near the docks, Korglander met a Matth’ari mercenary and his crew who argued that the Matth’ari in Ortizar (a Matth’ari village set up inside Amaria after their homeland was destroyed) were puppets and slaves of the Amarians, who he criticized for never coming to the Matth’ari’s aid when their homeland was under attack. They attempted to recruit Korglander and told him he’d know where they’d be if he ever “changed his mind” While at the bar, Korglander also overheard rumors that a noblewoman from New Landis had recently visited the Temple of Lannados to speak with the Grand Inquisitor.

  • Tiberius was summoned to the Temple of Lannados, where he met with Grand Inquisitor Magnus. Over tea, Tiberius reaffirmed his allegiance to the Temple and was tasked with delivering Duke Moorfell into the Temple’s hands after breaking him out of Duke Norhardt’s prison. Magnus gave him instructions to meet one of his agents inside Norhardt’s palace during the festival for further instructions.

  • Red Daffel escorted his new friend Azir to the Embassy District, where Azir thanked him and promised to visit the library with him to share his culture’s greatest works.

  • Orlief entered a pickle-eating contest against a bearded lady and a talking bear named Steve. Hilarity ensued.
  • Following their separate diversions, the party regrouped and went to the Opulent Encounter, a high end brothel, where they met Vicente, the Justicar spymaster. He read the unsealed letter from Olivia and promised to honor her agreement with the party. He advised the party to determine how best to split their forces to deal with the two issues that required simultaneous attention: the vague threat to the King mentioned in Olivia’s letter and the threat that the Demon would be attempting to reach the imprisoned Duke Moorfell at the same time – during the Lunar Fleet Festival. It was decided that Orlief, Tiberius and Korg would get Moorfell while Demitri snuck aboard the airship dressed as a servant to attempt to expose whatever plot faced the King.
  • At the point that we broke off, no one had discussed the plan with Red.
Session 6
As noted by Red Daffel

Mission Journal, day 60:

I know that it is simply a fact of our Age that I will encounter men and women who blindly follow in the path of so-called dieties, and I must not doom myself to constant disappointment by expecting too much change too quickly. Even with these reservations, I worry about the company that I have joined.

I have failed my master, and the Matth’ari I came to assist are dead, or soon will be; murdered by my companions, or as good as. We left them to die underground, and I would be there with them, or worse, had I pressed too hard. They accepted their fate with grace and dignity, more than I would have. I shall morn their needless deaths the rest of my days, as will I regret that my new friends have turned us all into oath breakers. I don’t know if this shame can be overcome, but I must press on and do what I must to earn their sacrifice.

The one silver lining of this whole ordeal, though how can it compare to men’s lives, is that we recovered some kind of storage device from a civilization long dead. We encountered many strange objects and writings from ancient times in that excavation, and this device may be the key to understanding the time before the Fall. Fortunately, my travelling companions have agreed that we may return to the Consent with this device after we have concluded events begun long before I came upon them. As the danger they face seemed imminent and immense, a delay in my investigation of the past seemed a reasonable compromise. Whatever my misgivings about their actions with the Matth’ari, they do seem more or less well meaning, and I soon found even more evidence for this belief.

Our party was making its way to a great city (ed note: Jesse, I forgot some of the specifics here, so I’ll leave blanks for now and fill in the info when I get a chance) along a wooded highway when we came across some men around a fire. Though they invited us to share the warmth of the fire and their company, something seemed off about them right away. They were jumpy and suspicious of even the most innocuous of questions and comments. Even jests seemed to set them off!

At one point, ________ left the camp fire to relieve his liquid burden. Upon his return, he swiftly executed on of the travelers before anyone knew what was what. It turned out that these “simple miners” had come upon a man from a foreign land, had stripped him, tied him to a tree, and would have killed him, had we not intervened. And the man’s great sin? Simply being foreign! While I normally detest violence against a common man, I can hardly blame ___________ for killing a man before he kills another. Fortunately, that was all the violence needed to set the miners on their way. Hopefully they learned a lesson.

We invited the traveler to join us, as he was bound for the city as well. As it turned out, he was an ambassador from ___________ on his way to his country’s embassy! Now, I know we’ve all heard the stories of the men from _________ and their violent, savage ways, so it came as quite a shock to me to discover that he was a well-learned and peaceful man. Granted, he holds true to faith, which, as with all true believers, he hopes to spread to new lands. But he did not hate those who do not share his beliefs, and though I fear religious faith as a precursor to religious war, he seems to have no desire to spread his beliefs at the point of a sword.

Our party reached the city, and I saw my new friend to his embassy. I go now to provision myself and to meet up with my new friends, who despite myself seem to be growing on me. I do not know what awaits us, or if I shall ever return, but I do hope to see my friend _______ again. If half our land were as open-minded as he, a great deal of suffering and strife might be averted.

Sessions 4 + 5
As noted by Tiberius


Narrowly escaping the all-too-familiar grasp of death has surely taken it’s toll of each mortal soul subject to last nights encounter, however, this was only a precursor to unrest that wait below our very feet. Korglander and Donnum unwittingly managed to escape the next days uncertain fate, as they volunteered to escort the girls back to Hollow Hill. Meanwhile, the Matth’ari expidition had left some frightful clues to their whereabouts in the area.

Luckily, tho i’m not sure if thats the right word, another traveler joined us seeking refuge from the elements. “Red Daffel” he said his name was. He assisted us in our recovery, Lo, something struck me amiss about this neophyte. Perhaps it was was his eagerness to risk our parties safety for the amusement of pyrotechnics in close quarters. I will never understand weapons of this new age, a splash of fire will never be as effective as good old fashioned steel.

On the morrow what should we discover, but the most peculiar storage basement. A small space in the bowels of the crumbling ruin. Attached, however, to this basement was an old era labyrinth slowly dissolving into the memories of humanity, only to be the budding spring of some new kind of evil. Formerly, what must have been a sewer system for the ruins above, at some point had been converted to a place of worship for what was clearly a darker being. Murals, memorials, lesser religions…. I could taste the stench of death. Some greater evil had been growing a false religion, stripping its followers of their worldly goods and sending them to a fate surely most unkind. Otherworldly cockroaches, Fungal undead souls left to wander this plane in misery, the source was something we would soon wish we hadn’t found.

One more level down, further into the darkenss you felt you could touch if only Orliefs Sunrod wasn’t struggling for every inch it could grasp.We found ourselves in a strange series of tunnels forged of steel and glass, some construct not of this age, possibly not of this world. Alas! The remaining Matth’ari! or so it seemed. It was some cruel trick, some disgusting aberration we would soon learn. Morglander, if I can call it that, helped decipher voice capturing decive. The device contained the voice of a man from another age, a suicide note? a warning? what were we thinking…? forgeing ahead.

Venasha was it’s name, the deity of the underground, ancient temple. Im not sure if it was a plant, a person, or a demon. Perhaps it was all three. She claimedto have mastered death through the black magic known as science. There is no such thing outside of Lannodos’ power, this can only be black magic and must be destroyed. Venasha had been kiilling innocents to nourish her offspring. without her steady stream of old world sacrifices, she would be dead soon enough. If not for the sacrifice I had made for my traveling companions, surely we all would have perished under weight of her evil. I had managed to convince her to let us go in exchange for bringing her breed above ground. She forced me to ingest her seeds, which I will later take care in discard. I also managed to talk her out of her valuables, which should come in quite handy once exchanged for some more utilitous goods.

For now we shall rest up, and on the morrow continue our journey to Hollow Hill. Surely, only better days can be ahead.



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