A sentient plant-like creature encountered in an ancient research laboratory


An attractive green-skinned woman sits in the depths of this enormous, sweet-smelling blue and white star-burst flower.



Near the end of the Last Renaissance at the time of the Cataclysm, Venasha served as an assistant to a preeminent biologist who had been moved to an underground research laboratory and tasked with various research assignments by a failing world government. Primarily, Venasha and her mentor were tasked with helping to inoculate plants and animals from the effects of radiation and other biological weapons being released above.

At a point when they had reached an impasse in their work, a strange visiting scientist had brought a pyramid shaped data module before mysteriously disappearing one night without so much as a goodbye, leaving the module behind.

To the professor’s surprise, the module contained incredible amounts of data on the biological and chemical sciences, which he and Venasha then put to work in their own experiments.

The professor soon discovered that Venasha had begun conducting her own experiments without his knowledge and had injected herself with unstable genetically modified plant materials. He started to suspect something was wrong when he noticed her physical appearance taking on certain plant-like qualities and when the men on the staff started acting mesmerized by her. Sadly, he did not realize the severity of the issue until he found her locked in the lab dissecting and experimenting on still living staff members.

Having determined that Venasha had crossed an ethical line and that she represented a danger to herself and others, the professor determined to seal her into a stasis chamber, but not before she gave him a “kiss” It didn’t take him long before he realized that something was “growing” inside him and that he didn’t have much time, so he powered down everything but the stasis chambers and containment doors and “blew” the elevators to seal them in. The professor then took his own life, but too late to stop Venasha’s offspring from growing out of his body.

Although contained within the stasis chamber, Venasha remained conscious and futilely sought a means of escape for centuries until someone wandered into the lab from a new settlement that had been built unknowingly atop it. She instructed this person to unlock her stasis chamber and was able to compel the person to act as her emissary to the settlement above by promising her new agent great power through physical augmentations. This person, who became known as the Priest of Flowers was then able to establish a cult-like following for Venasha.

The cultists deified the Flower Goddess and built a temple for her below their settlement where they took their dying. When their people were dead or close to death, they were left for the Goddess and guided to her by the Priest. Once below, the priest gave the dead or dying cultists to Venasha, who used them both as a source of organic sustenance and to continue her experiments into perfecting a race of hybrid human/ice-star creatures that she could control. She quickly discovered that the dead could be reanimated as hybrid drones, but lacked the ability for intelligence. Those who had not yet died suffered a different fate, being dissected or kept alive for experimentation and genetic modification.

Right at the point where Venasha believed she was on the verge of perfecting her offspring, her Priest mysteriously disappeared, along with her supply of followers, abandoning her to the lab complex which she had become too large to escape. In this state, alone and weakened from lack of food, that Venasha entered a self-imposed hybernation state…until Olaff Mazarine and his archaeological expedition discovered her while searching for the Onyx Pyramid, the data module that Venasha had received so many millenia ago.

Venasha used her compulsion powers on the unwitting Matth’ari to compel them to submit to her, but not before Olaff had instructed one of his team to carry the Onyx Pyramid back to their camp on the surface. Olaff and two of his cohorts were then organically enveloped and consumed by Venasha’s new Ice Star plants and were reborn as Hybrid versions of their former selves.


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