Olaff Mazarine

Matth'ari Archaeologist


A friendly and perhaps overly talkative Matth’ari archaeologist met by the party outside the Black Bramble Inn in New Landis. Olaff informed the party that he was leading an expedition that may soon yield “the most important discovery of our modern era.”

It appears that Olaff’s expedition met with some problems, as the party located one of his two pack-mules near ruins inside the forest and witnessed a group of “creatures” murder one of Olaff’s men. The party delved into the ruins in search of the remaining members of Olaff’s expedition.

It was later revealed that the members of Olaff’s expedition, including Olaff himself, were killed by Venasha‘s servants, though she claims she regretted their deaths and indicated that her servants were merely acting in self-defense. Olaff and two of his men were “given new life” by Venasha and appeared to the party to be completely unharmed, albeit in new bodies. They claimed to retain all of their memories and personality, though they were missing their memories of the few hours leading up to their apparent resurrection. It was revealed that their original bodies were decomposing beneath the roots of Venasha’s Ice Nova Flowers.

Despite Venasha’s request that the party take the Matth’ari with them and over the protests of Red Daffel, the party determined that they did not trust these “cloned” Matth’ari and left them unharmed but trapped deep beneath the forest ruins with Venasha.

Olaff Mazarine

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