Narood Cel'Nastra

Envoy of the Cel'Anari Caliphate during the occupation of Wight's Rook and the Consent of Saunt Edhar


A slender, well-spoken Cel’Anari, Narood’s personal charisma and warm affect make him a disarming and almost likable spokesman for the Caliphate.

Narood appeared on the isle of Wight’s Rook with a landing party of Caliphate soldiers and demanded the surrender of Saunt Edhar’s Consent to the Caliphate. He noted that the Caliphate’s goals, dictated by the Undying God were to destroy all research and technology that could lead to a repeat of the dangers that caused the cataclysm known as the Unmaking. This goal required the destruction of thousands of years of knowledge and research protected by the Fraas of the Consent.

Although Narood agreed not to harm the people of the nearby town of Spectre’s Rest and to allow the Fraas to live out their lives peacefully on Wight’s Rook, the Fraas refused to submit to his demands and, with the help of the party, conducted a strategic retreat through the Ways, along with whatever books, research and other materials they could carry.

Although the party encountered Narood’s troops within the dark passages of the Ways during their retreat to The Lighthouse in Harbor Spring, Narood’s fate remains unknown.


Narood Cel'Nastra

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