Grand Inquisitor Magnus

Grand Inquisitor of the Breach


One of the most powerful figures in the Temple’s hierarchy, Magnus is one of the original architects of the Temple’s feared intelligence apparatus and is widely rumored to have used the Inquisition’s vast network to consolidate political and marshal power for himself during the height of the order’s power during the Scourging.

Friend and foe alike have learned that the frail appearance of this old man belies his sharp mind and tactical brilliance which have allowed him to climb, and stay, at the heights of power within both the Inquisition and the Temple more generally.

Recently, Magnus tasked Tiberius with “transferring” both Duke Moorfell and his son, Dontis (“Donham”) Moorfell from Duke Norhardt’s palace prison into the custody of the Inquisition. Once it became clear that Magnus was in league with Moorfell and that he had used Tiberius and his companions to free the Duke, Magnus ordered Tiberius to defend the Temple of Lannados from Norhardt’s city guard during Moorfell’s coupe. On their way to the Temple, Magnus’ Seraphim attempted to kill the party and they barely escaped with their lives.

It is presently unknown why Magnus turned on one of his most loyal agents, but the Grand Inquisitor has gained much power through his alliance with Moorfell.

His present whereabouts are unknown.


Grand Inquisitor Magnus

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