Donham Jergo

A young man who assisted the party with their investigation of the missing girls in New Landis. Older brother to Jenna Jergo.


Donham Jergo was recently revealed to be the alias of Dontis Moorfell, the sole surviving son of the Fallen Duke Moorfell. Baroness Naros revealed that the Duke, a childhood friend, came to her near the end of The Scourging explaining that the Dreadlord had forced him into service by threatening to kill the infant Dontis. When Duke Moorfell came to the Baroness seeking advice, she offered to hide and protect Dontis from the Duke’s enemies and convinced him to surrender himself and end the war. The Duke agreed and Dontis has been living as Donham under the protection of Baroness Naros since he was a child.

Having deduced the location of his imprisoned father from the note left by the Demon in the Velstoy Estate in New Landis, he is believed to have headed there, though it is unclear what he intends to do once he finds his father.


Donham Jergo

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