Beni Velstoy (Impostor)

A demon posing as Beni Velstoy


It was recently suspected that Beni was the leader of the New Landis Coven and the agent behind the abduction of both Jame Branchlor and eight young girls from the village. A search of the Kelstoy estate revealed that Beni had been the leader of a minor cult of Ophelia worshipers until about two years ago when she attempted to summon a demon to obtain guidance and instruction. When her attempts to control and restrain the demon failed, it kept her prisoner in her own attic to feed off her life force, leaving her with the appearance of an old woman. The demon also took on her appearance and, under that guise, continued to lead the New Landis Coven towards its own purposes.

Having been exposed, the demon’s whereabouts are presently unknown, though documents discovered in the Velstoy Estate indicate that the demon may be attempting to locate and release Ignam Moorfell.

Beni Velstoy (Impostor)

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