Aziran "Azir" Cel'Anam

Envoy of the Cel'Anari Caliphate to Amaria


A soft spoken man with piercing eyes and a quick mind, Azir has traveled incognito for months, taking a circumspect route through Matth and Amaria on his way to fill his post as envoy of the CelAnari Caliphate in the Amarian capital of Wyvell in order to better understand the foreign lands to which he has been assigned.

On his way to Rostigradht to attend the Royal Court currently there to attend the Lunar Fleet Festival, he was rescued by the party from a group of racist miners from Baeralorn who had robbed him and tied him naked to a tree once they noticed the pointed ears of the “sander spy” He joined the party for the rest of the trip to Rostigradht and befriended Red Daffel.

Azir was aboard the airship that crashed during the festival, during the assassination of King Maher. He was presumed dead until he was later found aboard a ghastly prison ship controlled by Professor Lu’Star.

Aziran "Azir" Cel'Anam

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