Zehra's Journal

Entry #1

How much longer must we be in the damned hole? The real threat comes from whoever kidnapped Roben and injured Rah. But instead I am following Indy around with a pack of righteous self-centered idiots. Do the really think they can stop this scourge of plants attacking the city? Maybe if they had discovered this hole prior to the attack, but it seems likely that there are far too many of the plant people already on the surface. A method needs to be discovered to kill them in mass. Some type of toxic that can kill or revert those effected without injuring the general population.

I find the circumstances that led to us being in this hole disturbing. Why would the plant people just allow us to enter an area with their “nest” which is practically unguarded? Did the underestimate us to that extent? Not that I have been much help of course. I grow more and more concerned about how much I have revealed to these people. While Indy seems to trust them I do not doubt that that antiquated ass Tiberius will have a righteous fit if he learns the nature of my powers. I think I have revealed too much already to turn back. I know that I need them to find whoever attacked Rah and save Roben.

So we press on through this cheap parlor trick of a “dungeon” with the ultimate goal of beating Tiberius’ friends to their destination. I fear that my life as a scholar is over though. By the time this is through too many will know of my abilities and I will no longer be able to assimilate into my adopted homeland. My life of scholarship and quiet at the University are over.

Note to all out of charector. I’m only being an ass because it is how I’m role playing the charector. I’m not trying to offend anyone in any way so please feel free to fire back at my charector if she crosses social barriers. That’s part of the point that she grew up living in a university library basically. No social skills. *


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