Sessions 13-15: The Blockade

or - Taking Back Parthis


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Session 13: The Harbor

- Azir asks Red to escape with him back to Parthis to attempt a diplomatic solution to the pending attack. He promises Red safe passage. After Red refuses, Azir attempts to escape on his own, but is recaptured sans one eyeball.

- The Parthian Navy attacks the Caliphate blockade of Parthis under cover of a heavy snow storm. The party, along with an elite squad of Dragoons, lands in assault boats near The Curtain, the primary defensive gateway in and out of the harbor. After a battle, the party secures the Curtain and opens it to allow the Parthian Navy access to the Harbor.

- The Party heads to Feriman’s Fortress, a small strategic island in the middle of the Parthian Harbor with the intent of wresting control from the Caliphate to give the Navy a strategic advantage. Upon landing, they encounter several large mechanical spider sentries. After destroying one, they barely escaped the second and entered an overlooked storm drain entrance into the fortress basement.

Session 14: Ferriman’s Fortress

- The Party entered the basement of the fortress through the previously sealed tunnel. After disarming a sonic trap statue with a silence spell (and gumming up its trumpet with a bedroll), the party scouted the basement level and discovered two prisoners in cells as well as Caliphate avatar guards and some lizard hounds. Tiberius scouted the main level of the fortress and discovered heavy numbers of troops, including some never before seen mechanical troops, some man sized with long hooked claws (“Lictors”) and some that were lumbering and monstrous in size.

- The party sprung an ambush on the avatars guarding the stairs to the main floor, but one escaped and brought reinforcements from the main floor. Soon, the party was in a tough battle against avatars, lizards and Lictors. After the battle, they released the two prisoners. One was a priest of Lannados named Dylar Provast (Tony). The other was a member of the Parthian High Council who had been imprisoned by the Caliphate for refusing to submit to their demands. The party told the Councilman to stay put and promised to come back for him once they had cleared the upper floors.

A third door on the floor revealed an office where the party found a note from Narood, the Caliphate envoy from the Consent/Wight’s Rook session. He indicated that he was sending the Councilman to “The Admiral” as a prisoner, but also indicated that…even for a Parthian, something seemed “off” about the man.

- The party bypassed the ground floor and headed up the stairs to the roof where they found the Admiral attempting to escape behind a wall of troops. After battling several troops, including one of the Behemoth bomb-throwers, the party chased the Admiral down to the beach below the fortress. By the time they got there, he had taken off in a strange mechanized “boat” towards the entrance of the bay. Red took off flying after him while the rest of the party piled into a second mechanical boat to give chase. Red landed on the back of the Admiral’s boat and began throwing bombs just as a gigantic sea creature resembling a Hagfish breached out of the water ahead of them right near The Curtain. The Hagfish began lobbing giant napalm ordinance shots at the Parthian ships, now trapped inside the bay. Red was forced to let go of the Admiral’s vessel as it began to slip beneath the waves, heading right towards the Hagfish. Red joined back up with the rest of the party as their craft slipped below the waves in pursuit.

Session 15: ????


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