Session 9 - Icehold

Or - The Korgblaster



- The party hires a ranger to take them on a faster route to Icehold (having missed the merchant caravan) through a system of caves in the mountains. The party discovers a nest of crystal spiders whose eggs are highly prized and valuable. During the attempt to steal eggs from the nest, they are attacked and defeat a large mother spider.

- The party speaks to the Jarl of Icehold, an assistant to the King, who states that Icehold will aid Duke Agnor in the Amarian civil war only after the party deals with the threat posed by tribes of Hill Giants that have recently been threatening the city. He also agrees to let the party search for the next pyramid in the catacombs beneath Icehold after they deal with the giants.

- In town, the party stumbles across the disgruntled owner of a failed brewery who is willing to sell his holdings at a steep discount due to his lack of ability/patience to deal with the “fuuuuuckin’ orcs” that have disrupted his supply of hops. Seeing a golden opportunity, the party agrees to purchase the delapataded brewery. Leaving Korg in charge of fixing up the property, the rest of the party quickly deals with the orc threat and establishes a hold on a hops farm, thereby securing their supply line for their new venture. Korg decides to stay on at the brewery while the party carries on with their other business.

-Party investigates several giant villages and discovers that, in an act of desperation in the face of aggression by the Vishmael, the giant shamans have summoned demonic forces to “aid” them in their struggle and have allowed their bodies to become host to skinchangers. These skinchangers have turned on the giants and have begun slaughtering them. The party agrees to help the giants and runs to the other villages to warn them of the danger and gathers the giant tribes together in the process. The giants tell the party that Icehold used to be their city before the Vishmael took it from the, and that an ancient relic lies within the Giants’ catacombs beneath the city that can stop the skinchangers. The party agrees to search for the relic to help the giants stop the skinchangers. Greatful for the party’s assistance, the giants agree not to attack Icehold.

- Having secured the giants’ promise not to attack Icehold, the Party reaches Icehold and discovers that the King has died and the Queen has been secretly ruling in his name. She agrees to honor the Jarl’s promise to send troops to aid Duke Agnor. She also agrees to allow the party to descend into the city’s ancient catacombs to search for the relic they seek…


JobanUr JobanUr

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