Indy's Journal

Entry #1 - There Was a Hole

Bugs! Why’d it have to be bugs?! I hate bugs! Plants I can handle, ferocious beasts are fine. Snakes, who cares? But this hole is filled with giant wasps?! What a nightmare…

All my time spent drinking at this god forsaken bar I’ve wanted to explore this damn hole. Now, when I finally find a group with the gall to do it, this is what I find?! At least I have that bag of gemstones… With all the fighting, I’m sure everyone else has long forgotten about the spoils of that chest.

If I were a coward, I’d probably just be able to climb back up that slide… After all I’ve got the reflexes of a cat. But that is not how Indianapolis Jawns does things! I’ll need these guys if I ever want to study those artifacts and find Robin… plus I can’t just leave Zehra to fend for herself. Regardless, I have to look out for #1… If things get dicey, I’m outta here. I have the map anyway, and enough money to hire my own boat and a band of mercenaries to help me get to where I’m going.


JobanUr kuumar183

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